Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Newest Addition to the Family

Well, the day has finally arrived that we were able to test and enjoy our  highly caffeinated bundle of beauty and brawn, our NEW Breville Espresso Machine.

About a month or so back our awesome new friends at LoveFeast Table held a contest to win this beautiful machine so of course I wasted no time in entering. While entering it became evident that whether or not we won we had found an awesome new website with some really cool people. LoveFeast table is about welcoming people into your world and meeting them in theirs. If you have not had a chance to come across their website please take a minute to stop by and say hi.

So back to the buzz on the NEW Breville. We entered the contest, Won the Contest, and Received our NEW Breville all just in time for Christmas. The problem was that we were traveling all through the holidays and had not had a chance to sit and enjoy the fruit of the newest addition to the Mendoza family.


Today was our first complete experience and it was awesome. Up to this point we had only turned on the Breville a couple of times. To be honest this machine is quite a bit outside my pay grade, and using it for the first time was a little intimidating but still exciting at the same time. The first time you hear the 15-bar pump start to work it's magic, you sorta anticipate an explosion. Well, ok maybe not an explosion but I was expecting something more than a couple of lackluster streams of caramel colored water. (Don't Worry Breville, Its not you ...Its Me!!) So, After the first couple of poorly pulled shots, I figured I better read up on how to properly pull espresso lest I become a not so proud owner of one of the best espresso machines available.

So, that is what I did. I took a couple of YouTube lessons, actually read the owners manual, and under brewed and overbrewed almost a full pound of coffee trying to perfect the pull.

Finally... today... on the second pull I did and everything went right.

I had just the right amount of coffee to water, I had tamped the grinds ever so slightly, the Breville did its magic, and in just a few seconds we witnessed the reason a Breville is a Breville and not just an espresso machine.

The color was a perfect golden brown and the texture, not too slow and not too fast, finished with a thin layer of crema and at just the right temp....We were ready to enjoy the aromatic robust nectar they call Espresso.
Topped with a little milk, (sugar free white chocolate syrup for Danielle), and poured into our favorite was Delicious!!!

While I still don't feel qualified (or led) to join the ranks of the great baristas of the world, I do feel honored and thankful for our new baby and wouldn't mind serving up a cup or two at our table or yours!!!

Thank you LoveFeast Table for the wonderful gift, and thank you for spreading the LOVE!


  1. Yeah!! Welcome to the Breville family! Those shots are beautiful and well worth the patience of going through a pound! :) In our opinion, it's totally in your pay grade! Your job is a priceless one and cannot be measured by the pay check!
    We are so glad to have met you both and look forward to meeting your other new addition!!

    Thanks for joining us at the table!
    ~Kristin and Chris Ann

  2. Thank You LoveFeast Table, your gift and your words mean a lot to us and we are thankful for your efforts. Keep up the Great work!

    Javier, Danielle, & Madison Saige Mendoza


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