Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Monument To Last

I had the honor to be at a book signing for My Brother's first book, "Some Monument to Last". The event was held in San Antonio where he lives and was hosted by the Twig Book Shop on Broadway.

I am very proud of James' Accomplishments over the years and especially proud of the success he has gained from self-publishing his first book. He has written a very transparent account of his struggle to grow up with a "father sized hole in his heart". He writes in detail how he has suffered, how he has been challenged, and ultimately how he has overcome.

His hope is that this memoir will motivate others to face the hardship in their lives and to use it to transcend their past hurts.

I believe that everyone has something to gain from James story and if you would like to hear more from James please visit This site is full of poems, letters and quotes that will both inspire and encourage.

I hope you will also order a copy of this book for you or for someone you know who may be looking for their own Monument to Last.

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  1. Javier and Danielle,

    I enjoyed your visit, hope to see you both again real soon. JMD


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