Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Saige watching UP!

Mommy and Daddy with Saige

What the Hay

sage decided to try and eat the hay and seems to actually like it. Don't worry she didn't actually consume any...I don't think??. Well, I'm sure if she did it seems to have not affected her too much.

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The many Faces of Saige

Here is a great example of how many faces Saige can have. You have to be really quick to get any one expression out of her when taking pics but here she gave us a few. It's a good thing we have a fast camera. She is always so joyful and daily reminds me to slow down and enjoy life. I have so much to learn from her but I'm getting it!

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Saige and Mommy at the Arboretum

Here are a few pics of the TWO loves of my life. I am so incredibly blessed to have both of these girls in my life. I owe God big time. They add so much fun to my life. I have enjoyed seeing both of them blossom into beautiful, smart, and inspiring individuals. I am enjoying the journey of life so much because of Danielle and Saige.

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Saige at the Dallas Arboretum

We went to the arboretum last week and got some fun snap shots. Here are just a couple from the day. We really had a great time watching Saige romp all around and check out everything. Hopefully we will get some more photos posted today. I know were way behind.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

My anniversary

It's hard to believe that today marks the fourth anniversary of be being married to the most wonderful person in the world.  I really have a hard time thinking back that far and even imagining what it used to be like with out such a wonderful, amazing, faithful, beautiful woman by my side everyday. I try and think back but seem to draw blanks. My life seems to have picked up a significant amount of awesome since July 23, 2006. 

Well, to be fair, my life picked up awesome well before that. 

Danielle and I have been connected in one way or another for longer than the four yeArs that we have been married. It feels like since day one we have been intrinsically tied together and that we were destined to be together. I guess that is what adds to me having such a hard time remembering my life "pre Danielle". 

She has added so much to my life that I couldn't and wouldn't be that same person I am today without her. She has made me a better person and continues to challenge me everyday. I strive to be the best at everything I do because of her. 

I know it seems cliche to say all of these great things about my lovely wife because it's our anniversary but i don't really see it that way.  I hope that these sentiments are felt by only one person, and that i make these felt all year and not just once a year. 

I am just wanting to put my thoughts into writing and post them here so that one day when we have been married for a thousand years and my memory starts to fade, I can look back and read my daily thoughts. It's important to see these things written down when your 1027 years old so that people don't write you off as a crazy love bird.  

I want this to serve as a reminder for me to always display, write, and say what I'm thinking.  It's not enough to just know that I love Danielle. I have to say it. If I don't say it than how would Danielle ever know how I really feel.

I never want to take for granted that just because I said "I do" four years ago, That Danielle still knows that I STILL do and I ALWAYS will.  

I love you, Danielle, more than you could ever comprehend and I always will. Here is to the next Four Thousand Years being your husband. 


Friday, July 16, 2010

Pretty incredible

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mom and Baby

I know this picture is super fuzzy and a little out of focus but I grabbed it right before baby stirred and woke up so its the best I could do!!! They were sleeping identically and out like a light! Funny stuff!
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothersday From Madison Saige! Hope everyone has a great day!
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Madison Siage in the Morning

Some more fun shots of Saige from this Morning!!! We Love Our Baby!
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Madison Saige 6 weeks

Here are some more fun shots of Madison Saige . We have loved getting to know here and she is really growing everyday!

Everyone tries to tell you that the "time flies by" but that is no joke. Every single day that goes by is a day that Madison has changed or grown in some way.

She is so precious and it is hard to imagine her growing more. It is so cute to see her like this and to be able to carry her around. I take advantage of everyday and never take one single minute for granted.

There is no way to prepare yourself to love someone this much. It is an amazing feeling. Most of the relationships we have in our lifetime we have to choose to love the person but when you have a baby your are thrust into a love that is undeniable and more powerful than you can expect for someone you have never met!

She is a true gift from God and she has stolen her parents heart. We are in love with everything about her. These are only a few pictures of hundreds we have taken . It is pretty hard not to post every single picture but I figure all the grandmas and grandpas need a little love every once in a while.

Madison Saige ready for Breakfast

Here is our little angel. She woke up this morning and was very animated before her breakfast with daddy. She has actually been very fussy the last couple of times daddy has tried to feed her. This is not good because she was only eating with mommy and so mommy was not able to get a break in the last two days. Danielle has been awesome and has not complained one but but I know that she enjoys her sleep as much as anyone (or more) and so it has been a little harder on her. This morning though i swept Madison out to the living room made a comfy spot for her on the sofa and had a little conversation with her. I explained to her that we were celebrating Mother's Day all weeweekend and that she would have to be ok with me feeding her so that we could give her mommy a little break. At first she was just being goofy and gave me this little face.... but then she said 'ok no problemo' and we started her bottle. She had a great awake time and and even better feeding time. Thank you Lord!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Flood Relief Video

Please remember to be praying for the citizens affected by the floods in TN. There is and will be much work that needs to be done. Please pray about how you can get connected to your local church or donate to help aid the relief efforts. One way you can get connected is by visiting They have sent a team to the region with water pumping equipment and resources but will need more to get the job done.

Thank you

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Madison Saige

Here is Our beautiful princess enjoying a little R&R. She has a good life which includes eating, sleeping and every once in a while posing for a couple of pictures! She is the love of her parent's lives! What an absolute blessing she has been !

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Baby is Almost here

Well, the time has come for us to meet our little girl. It seems like just yesterday when Danielle first told me we were expecting a precious little baby. To know that God has bestowed on US one of the greatest blessings on earth is a very humbling & exhilerating experience.

Over the past 9 months I have learned so much about life, myself, and my wife. There are things that I never even imagined I would be talking about or doing and yet here I am. I am blessed beyond measure and I have the best partner EVER to be experiencing it all with.

Danielle and I have had so much fun embarking on this wild journey together. We have had an especially fun time the last few days since Danielle has started her maternity leave, sleeping in, staying up late, watching tv a all in an effort to sorta get it out of our system for a while.

We have also been taking FULL advantage of two of our NEWEST favorites, Cable & Coffee.

Coffee has been one of our favorites for forever but since we have won our awesome Breville we have become a little more addicted to the sweet nectar that is Espresso. I personally have never enjoyed making or drinking coffee as much as I have since we added this little gem to our kitchen. I have only drank coffee out probably twice since having the Breville. We have a great routine worked out where Danielle will turn on the Breville and I can come in and build her a great latte. *Don't worry She has adhered to the strict recommendation of our Dr on the amount of caffeine* With the addition of the Breville we have really learned to slow down and enjoy our coffee which I think in some way transfers to the way we treat our lives. I have learned not to rush anything and to trust that I am at the right place at the right time no matter what. I also enjoy that I can break out a quality drink for my wife and family as they wait patiently for our little girl to arrive. I know it will also help tremendously when Madison Saige is here to keep our eyes open when we start losing our current amount of sleep.

Another one of our guilty pleasures during Danielle's pregnancy has been CABLE. We have been with out cable for almost 2 years but we have quickly made up some time. We have found that we really enjoy quite a variety of entertainment nowadays. There have been dramas, comedies, and yes even REALITY shows that for one reason or another have found their way onto our screen. It has become a fun pastime. We catch up on our shows anytime were at the house. Assembling baby furniture (Thank You Target & IKEA) or making pancakes at all times of the day, we do it all while "Keeping up With The Kardashians" or while watching Benson and Stabler bring down the bad guys in "Law & Order SVU".

As these last few hours tick by I keep replaying all the highlights of the past 3.5 years of marriage and wonder about all the ways my life will be different. It is hard to think that with all the differences  life is only going to get better from here. I think of my life as being so perfect already that it couldn't get any better, yet so much good has already been added to our lives just from being pregnant. I can only imagine how awesome things are when I am actually holding my little girl in my arms.

It makes me so thankful for how much love we have and how much love our little girl has from so many people. I am blessed and I am so ready to get this party started.

In 24 hours or less Madison Saige Mendoza will be here and will have taken our lives to the next level. Please keep us in your prayers and be on the look out for the first pics of our baby.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Newest Addition to the Family

Well, the day has finally arrived that we were able to test and enjoy our  highly caffeinated bundle of beauty and brawn, our NEW Breville Espresso Machine.

About a month or so back our awesome new friends at LoveFeast Table held a contest to win this beautiful machine so of course I wasted no time in entering. While entering it became evident that whether or not we won we had found an awesome new website with some really cool people. LoveFeast table is about welcoming people into your world and meeting them in theirs. If you have not had a chance to come across their website please take a minute to stop by and say hi.

So back to the buzz on the NEW Breville. We entered the contest, Won the Contest, and Received our NEW Breville all just in time for Christmas. The problem was that we were traveling all through the holidays and had not had a chance to sit and enjoy the fruit of the newest addition to the Mendoza family.


Today was our first complete experience and it was awesome. Up to this point we had only turned on the Breville a couple of times. To be honest this machine is quite a bit outside my pay grade, and using it for the first time was a little intimidating but still exciting at the same time. The first time you hear the 15-bar pump start to work it's magic, you sorta anticipate an explosion. Well, ok maybe not an explosion but I was expecting something more than a couple of lackluster streams of caramel colored water. (Don't Worry Breville, Its not you ...Its Me!!) So, After the first couple of poorly pulled shots, I figured I better read up on how to properly pull espresso lest I become a not so proud owner of one of the best espresso machines available.

So, that is what I did. I took a couple of YouTube lessons, actually read the owners manual, and under brewed and overbrewed almost a full pound of coffee trying to perfect the pull.

Finally... today... on the second pull I did and everything went right.

I had just the right amount of coffee to water, I had tamped the grinds ever so slightly, the Breville did its magic, and in just a few seconds we witnessed the reason a Breville is a Breville and not just an espresso machine.

The color was a perfect golden brown and the texture, not too slow and not too fast, finished with a thin layer of crema and at just the right temp....We were ready to enjoy the aromatic robust nectar they call Espresso.
Topped with a little milk, (sugar free white chocolate syrup for Danielle), and poured into our favorite was Delicious!!!

While I still don't feel qualified (or led) to join the ranks of the great baristas of the world, I do feel honored and thankful for our new baby and wouldn't mind serving up a cup or two at our table or yours!!!

Thank you LoveFeast Table for the wonderful gift, and thank you for spreading the LOVE!

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