Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas this year had a great effect on me and really made me appreciate everything I have even more than usual. I really have had an awesome time realizing how much God has blessed me in 2008. I know His hand has been on my life forever but this year especially has given me a chance to reflect and be the most grateful. I feel like I am closer to God and therefore my wife, and that God has given us such a great relationship to be able to be real with each other and to be honest in everything we do, well except when we play cards….
I feel like we have started down a path now that will undoubtedly lead to a new awareness of His glory and a glimpse of His plan for the rest of our lives. I am only able to say that for 2009 we are headed for new experiences, new places and new faces. I will not forget about all the places and faces I have already been and seen, but I am looking forward to all that God has for us. God is leading us into a phase of our lives to not only be a hundred percent reliant on Him, but of also realizing that it is the only way. When you get a feeling of Gods presence in your everyday life it is more motivating and challenging than anything we try to create ourselves. There is no way that we could ever be as challenged to do the right thing, say the right thing, or even think the right thing as when God is sitting right there at your computer with you, or at the coffee shop or at work with my “Work Friends”.
He really has put an extra helping of self awareness that is by design His way of allowing me the opportunity to choose Him and not Me. I have been blessed greatly by honoring Him in the things I do, and the decisions I have made but it’s not always easy. I have decided to see if I have what it takes to fully let go and let God. It sounds funny to LET God, but it is true. I have to let God take full control and give up trying to wreck my life. It is God that is perfect and no matter how much I try I never will be. All I can do is take everyday as a blessing and accept what God has for me. I believe that this coming year is going to be a very educational and in-depth look into my life and I hope that what comes out will be pleasing to Him.

Psalm 17:5 My steps have held to your paths; my feet have not slipped.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Day In PRISON!!!!

Yes its true Danielle and I were both in prison on Sunday. Actually, just visiting so not technically IN prison but we did get a metal detector sweep and a very intimate pat down before being able to enter. Once we had our shoes and jackets back on and were Ok'd to proceed we went in past the two ginormous sets of Razor Wire an armed Guard tower, and were escorted into the Prison walls. Johnny Moffitt always says " Prisons have two sets of walls...One to Keep the Prisoners IN and one to keep Everyone Else OUT."

Well, we were allowed in as Chapel Volunteers pretty easily on Sunday, which were told is not always the Norm, so we were happy. We had twelve people all together led by some friends of ours Linda and Randy, and Al and Tammy. Johnny and Betty Moffitt were there along with Gina and Travis and Me and Danielle. At first I thought it was going to be difficult to get all of us through all the units we were told we would only have an hour to visit, but then I realized we were all splitting up. Even through I had just visited prison in Mexico, this was going to be the first time inside with Danielle and the first time inside with out someone I knew. I mean I'm still a rookie and don't even know all the rules yet.

But alas we overcame the apprehension and were both glad we did. Danielle and I first traveled trough Ad Seg for Cell to Cell Visitation. Ad Seg is short for Administrative Segregation. This is sometimes used for Inmates that are either a threat to themselves or someone else and means that they are in their cell up to 20 or more hours a day. Mountain view is a women's Prison and Danielle and I were in the Ad Seg block visiting about 6 inmates for about an hour. A couple of the ladies wanted prayer for anger or bitterness and one for just having lost her niece.

One of the things that encouraged me the most was how enthusiastic one inmate (Millie) was about God and how Jesus had saved her. She was more than willing to share the gospel with us and tell about how God has been by her side while on the inside. She did tell us about how hard the past five months have been on her and we could gather she was in Ad Seg for her issues with authority. We were able to encourage her to stay steadfast and not to lose grip what she has been holding onto for 6 of her 15 years of incarceration.

Another inmate that I was encouraged by was Julie. She has been in prison for much of her children's time growing up, and is very worried that her kids will fall under the same influences that she did. She was not without faith as she spoke and We could see joy still in her cell as she sang gospel songs for us and the other inmates. I prayed that her children would be protected and that Julie would have peace and would not be worrisome about their well being.

I am still moved by how impactfull this visit was for me. I knew going into yesterday that I had nothing to offer and that i could not give these women anything but my time and presence and I truly believe that God was there in our midst and gave us the words to speak and the prayers to pray over them.

After our time was up, we said goodbye and headed to the Chapel for our afternoon service. The building looks like it will hold about 200 people and there were definitely not many seats left empty. We started out with some praise songs and Christmas tunes and heard from Tammy, Travis and Johnny. My biggest take away was the attentiveness and eagerness to soak up as much teaching and love as possible. All, we did was show up and show love and I know for a fact that God showed through.

While not everyone was eager to be around us or chat with us, I know that Tenishai, Millie, Julie and Delia heard what they have been waiting for. I think thgat for those few moments we spent in Ad Seg, it was Our time, Our Smiles and Our Prayers that made God real for the inmates and their words and reactions that made God real to me.

I know that we will be back soon and often. With close to 200, 000 inmates in Texas we shouldn't run out of people anxious and in need of a Godly friend. I will choose to go back in because I feel like God has a purpose and a plan which will allow us the freedom to explore His gifting in our lives, a freedom to speak His word, and freedom to share His love with the world especially if "The World" means Mountain View Prison.

"I would rather be FREE in Here than Locked Up out THERE" Julie - Ad Seg Texas

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well, we had a fabulous week in Mexico and have made many connections that will be utilized through God in a big way this coming year. We met with several leaders in Mexcio that are more than eager to serve God and to see Him Move throughout Mexico and the World. I am excited to continue building on the relationships I made and develope more ministry connections. I know God has a great plan for me and Danielle and I knbow that this is only the begining. We have lots to learn but I know that God has already blessed us with a great wealth of knowledge and I pray I am willing to put it into use. We were blessed to see several dozen inmates and other individuals recieved into the Kingdom by accepting Jesus as their Savior, and were able to Introduce several church leaders to Overcomer's addiction program through newly published books translated into spanish. God really has a great way of building His kingdom and I am always glad to be a part of no matter how big or small. I am including some more images here that are in my opinion the essence of what God is doing. For More pictures Please visit These Links

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Here is a picture of Betty, Johnny, and myself all speaking to the church here in Mexico City. We arrived in Mexico City at 9 expecting there to be multiple speakers and God had decided that the three of us were who He wanted to speak to this church. We didn't leave until about 630. All in all it was about 7 hours of speaking. We had such a great day and I know God's message was heard.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mexico Day 2

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.........Oh Uhm........Sorry..... I guess I'm a little more tired than I thought. We have had a completely Full schedule and have not yet stopped moving since our feet hit the ground. We started Thursday morning at the State's prison for men at around 9 am. We were hustled into a line as soon as we arrived in order to make certain we all had Id's and were all going to get in. All in all we had a bout 25 people and the prison only wanted to let in 5. After about 15 mins of waiting outside the walls, we were given the okay to all come in together. The men were already up and running with their music portion of the service when We came in. They led about 2 or 3 songs and then invited Betty up to sing her song, of which, she chose Blessed Assurance. As she began the first verse the music stopped. She kept right on going and sang that song loud and proud. Despite language and technology barriers Betty truly blessed all of us with that song.

Johnny was able to have a few mins to talk with the men and received 20 men that accepted Jesus into there hearts. The prisoners were very receptive and happy with the service that was brought to them. After lunch we were blessed to have a strong turnout of almost 100 people from the church that were eager to listen to Johnnny describe Overcomers to them. We left them with a case of books printed in Spanish and I believe every one there left with a greater understanding of prison ministry and how this program is designed to overcome the grip of addiction.

At the evening service we saw several of the near 500 people come to the lord and experience God in the one of the most real and tangible ways I have seen in forever. We heard a great music presentation from Carmen Gloria, who blew the roof off of the sanctuary. Don Arnold of The Fellowship, gave a great message and led a great prayer service in which we saw many people healed and freed from many different strongholds. God is so good and has allowed us to be so blessed from everyone we have been in contact with. He is alive and moving across this Country in a way that is past due and much needed. I am blessed and honored to be here this week.

My prayer for the week is that God would use me as His servant to bring honor and pride to His name for His glory. There is so much work to be done still, but I am amazed by how far they have come and by how many people are eager to serve this ministry.

For more info on all the ministries represented here in Mexico This week please go to www.WVIW.com/links

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mexico Day 1

Well, I made it across the border via Charlotte, NC today. I made it into Mexico City about 1230 pm after heading to the airport at 5am. I am not sure why I had to fly an hour and a half north just to fly almost 4 hours back south to Mexico, but I made it in. When I got to The City i was met by SR. Reyes of "Amigos De Fe" who had a big plaque with "Javier Mendoza" written across it and I was happy they picked me up and not some other Javier Mendoza. We were then hustled to the Bus station and bought a 17 dollar Ticket to Puebla which is about 1 hr and 1/2 south east of Mexico City. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly Hazy it is. There are cars upon cars upon motorcycles, upon pedestrians and they are all vying for the "right" of way and of course our Bus automatically gets it because its 40 feet long and does not yield. As we were heading down the road you can see mountains and even a couple of volcanoes in the not so distant horizon. All in all not a bad drive but made my day very long. I finally made it to the Pastor's house in Puebla around 13 hours after I left the house this morning. Even now as I am writing it it seems like longer than it really was and I could fall asleep in the floor in front of me but I am glad to be here and know that God is here as well. I have met so many people already that are working hard to make sure that God stays here and that more people know about Him every day. There is no question that He has servants here and that His message is reaching into the mountains of Mexico. I am very tired and very ready to see what we can see in the next few days. Please pray for safety here and that everything goes as God would have, and that His will be done here in Mexico. We have such a full schedule so also pray for endurance and favor with the officials we intend to meet with in the next few days. We still have no camera clearance for the prisons so also please pray for us to receive those permits. The Pastor's were telling us that the prisons can be very corrupt and that there has been a lot of aggravation here between the states and the Drug Cartel. There has been more wars being waged on the grip of illegall drugs and that does not make the Cartel very happy. So please pray for our brothers and sisters here that they will have continued safety and continued perseverance. Thanks for all that you have been doing for us
God Bless

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mission Trip November 12- 18

Here is the first Official update on how, what and when….

Danielle and I are blessed to have such a great Network of friends and to have such an awesome family supporting and praying for us. If it was not for what God has done and for everyone that has blessed us financially and spiritually then the last few months and the next year would not be nearly as exciting. God is moving in big ways and is making a way for a lot of good stuff to happen.

Of course I have to say that first and foremost I am blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive wife. Danielle is great at everything she puts her mind to and encourages me to be the best version of myself on a daily basis. We have been totally Together through this entire transition into Texas and have been able to move into a place that we can learn about the ministry God moved us here for. She is understanding and thoughtful when it comes to doing what it takes to put God first in our lives and ensuring that we make time for the two of us so we don’t lose sight on what God ultimately has in store for our lives. I know God has truly given me a partner for life.

God has clearly given us a great ministry to be a part of and I learn that more and more each day I am here. Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness, is a ministry that creates opportunity to bring God into one of the most forgotten about places in the world, Prison. We believe that God is the only true hope and salvation that any of us have and know That He wants to be that for men and women in Prison as well. I know it sounds a little unconventional in a way to take a missions trip to prison but what a great opportunity we have to offer genuine, God given, salvation to men and women who may have no hope or promise of salvation in this life. The book of Romans tells us that Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. So, this is why we Must take the word of God into ALL the world and not forget those who have been left to be forgotten. WVIW brings His love and salvation into the walls of prisons around the world through Overcomer’s; a program geared to releasing individuals from the curse of addiction, and through Marriage seminars held for Prisoners and Correctional Officers alike. There are also programs for offenders and ex-offenders’ wives and families, and aftercare programs for parolees like transitional housing, and job placement assistance.

We want to be the hands and feet of God in every aspect of life for these individuals. The way that we do this is through God’s grace and favor with the correctional institutions so that we are allowed access to this physically and culturally segregated group of lost individuals. By God’s blessing and through support and prayer we have been blessed with much success in this endeavor. WVIW has made huge strides in the arena of prison ministry and is well known and respected in the US, Cuba, Jamaica, Western Europe, The UK, and Now Mexico.
There has long been a need for this type of ministry in all parts of the world and so we are blessed to add Mexico to our list of countries who have asked for us to come and share our message of hope with their prisoners. We will fly to Central Mexico on Tuesday November 12th, and will have to opportunity to be seen and heard by over 20,000 prison inmates and correctional facilitators in just a couple of days. We are equally excited to be able to bring Overcomers into their country with books that have been translated into Spanish and teachers that are willing to facilitate this proven Bible based 12 step addiction program.
We are so excited about what God is already doing in Dallas, and all over the world and now we will have new blessings to report on from Mexico. I am traveling to Mexico on Tuesday and will be back next Wednesday. I will be following Johnny and Betty Moffitt through Mexico City and Puebla and other towns in Central Mexico taking photographs and learning more and more about this God ordained organization. We are asking your prayers for open hearts and ears and for God to move on the Government officials when Johnny meets with them to create a working relationship that will allow us to continue working here. Also please pray for our safety and health as we travel. We have also received an email that has spoken against us being able to bring cameras inside the prison walls which we want to pray against because it would be a shame to not be able to come back and share with all of you what God is doing just South of the Border.

I pray you are blessed as you read this and ask for your comments and prayers either by email or on MySpace.com/javiphoto and Facebook.

As I am able I will keep you posted with all the trip’s events.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I think that it is up to each American on their own to decide weather or not we are going to, in this election, up the level of Personal responsibility inorder to make the "Change" from the inside out. It can't be up to one person or group of persons to make that decision for the collective. No matter the outcome of today we all have to take personal responsibily to be change and to create what we each envision. We have allowed someone else to alter or even create the direction of our goals and dreams for the assurance of being able to have someone else to blame when it all falls apart. We need to stop letting One human determine our moral compass and let God our Father and original designer take over! Then and only then will we not have to make the Choice to believe democrats or republicans, because there is only one truth and one right and one wrong. Its not up to me to interpret God's laws on my life. I have no opinion other than God's ! So, In at least this. . . I hope that today we all can agree. . to take time and pray for God to take the lead and show us the direction he has charted for our lives and pray that there be less of "Me" in the Whitehouse and more of HiM! Love javi

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mendoza Gallery dot Net


Vice President Sarah Palin

Just wanted to Share our recent pictures with you from The Republican Rally in Virginia. We had a great time listening to Sarah Palin and seeing all the other Supporters even though it was like 35 degrees outside. If you want to see the rest of Soon To Be Vice President Sarah Palin's photos go to my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=913451&l=d59d9&id=829728603

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Trips

Danielle and I have had an awesome weekend that started on Wednesday night when she flew into Dallas and we had dinner at a cool new restaurant we had not been to yet that was really good Tex-Mex-Salvadorian food.... Anyway, then we had a great time seeing Gina and Travis on thursday before flying out to Washington Dc on Friday. We went to Reston Town Center and ate at American Tap Room....Also Great food...Also the best dinning chairs at a restaurant I have experienced/. TheN yesterday danielle got a trip to Charlotte and we got to walk downtown and had the Roasted Sea Bass at Blue on 5th and college. Muy Bueno> Can you tell we like to eat out!!!! Then a 6am flight back to Dulles.... First Class, only to find out Danielle had another flight before we can go hang out on Capitol Hill today and visit the monuments and probably another great restaurant Downtown. Whew!!! What a great life we have...Well except having to work in between.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Thanks for stopping by!!! As you can see this is our very first Blog, but I hope not our last. Everything here is to inform and delight anyone interested in US. If you your not interested in us, just keep checking back and maybe one day we will right something that does interest you. Either way, thanks for stopping by.

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