Tuesday, April 12, 2011

While you were away

Dear Momma and Dada

I have been having a lot of fun while you have been in Honduras.

I have colored.

I have played on the slide.

I have gone on long walks.

I even took a bath.

I still miss you but I'm having a great time


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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mututu, Jarsi, Linsi, & Suani

These are four of the girls who were watching some of the younger kids at the feeding center while I snapped photos and were more than excited to get their photo taken as well.

Many of the young girls and boys are connected and involved in the chuirch as well however they need more relevant programming and events catered towards their needs.

One of the ways we are reaching into this community is through the youth of Cusuna. We plan to have another trip in the summer and are encourageing youth and young adults to join us on this trip. We want to build a youth oriented program that they want to be a part of and will help them decide to stay involved in the church even when they are older.

I believe that it is very possible to see the youth of Cusuna become the future leaders of not only their community but of Honduras, Central America, and the rest of the WQorld.

If you want more info on this village or would like to be considered for our next trip in July, please visit WVIW.com and fill out the contact form letting us know!


Jeidi form Cusuna Honduras

Jeidi by MendozaGallery
Jeidi, a photo by MendozaGallery on Flickr.

One of the beautiful children of Cusuna. This was a really fun day spending time taking photos and hanging out with the kids who eat at the church feeding center. They rely on the food they recieve here to sustain them and sometime is the only meal they recieve in the day!

Recently they have been feeding children less and less due to a lack of funding as well a lack of good food availablity. Food costs are up in almost every nation in the world and Here on the northern coast of Honduras the kids feel the pressure.

We are already sending support down regularly and want to do even more. We would love to be able to see the feeding center FULL and belly's of children Full as well.

If you would like more info or would like to add to our monthly support of this community please email us at info@wviw.com


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cusuna Honduras

Here are only three pictures to introduce the Village of Cusuna Honduras to you! I want to say this is one of my favorite places around. Not becuase of the beach or the remoteness, or even the tropical surroundings. It really has become one of my favorites because of the people! Over the next few days I will be adding more photos and sharing with you more stories from this beautiful place. My hope would be that by the end you would have an interest in this village and would want to learn more about the people who live here.


Please take a minute to check out some of the photos at on our facebook page as well as TravisMoffitt.com


Thank you


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Monday, April 4, 2011

WVIW visit to a prison in Trujillo In Honduras

Here are a few pictures from our visit in Trujillo. Pastor Nahun and his daughter sang and played music for the group who was mostly Garifuna men which are the same as the families they serve in Cusuna. Travis and I also had a chance to share with the men. Travis spoke on forgiveness and had the opportunity to pray with 5 men to recommit their lives to God. We also were witness to a unique opportunity for our friend and fellow minister Jorge to reconnect and forgive an inmate he had known from many years before. All in all we had a great time sharing part of our day inside the walls of this prison. It's an experience unlike the prisons we visit in Texas and yet in a lot of ways very similar. We look forward to sharing more of the experiences with you through our websites and on Facebook. Thank You

Javier Mendoza
Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness

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Images captured by Danny Flores in Honduras prison

Here are some images captured by Pastor Nahun Flores son in the prison in Trujillo. He loves to learn and picked up the function of the camera very well. He even picked up on a way to "grab" photos with out people noticing by keeping the camera low and shooting while not looking through the view finder (the photo of the man in plaid shorts and a tank top was taken this way). I look forward to seeing Danny grow up physically and spiritually. He is a great kid and will be a great man. Thanks for the great pictures Danny.

Javier Mendoza
Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Audio Update from Honduras

Thank you for your prayers and support. We look forward to sharing more from last week's trip to Honduras. Please visit us at http://facebook.com/wviwonline

Update.m4a Listen on Posterous

Javier Mendoza
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Friday, January 14, 2011

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