Friday, October 2, 2009

UnSilenced: A month of Domestic Violence Awareness

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I am committing to a month long blogging campaign to expose the stark realities we are all responsible for caused by the epidemic of Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence is emotional, financial, mental, as well as physical and sexual; it stems from one person's need to control another in order to feel powerful. Everyone needs to know that Domestic Violence is a choice by the Abuser to threaten and carry out these threats with violence towards their spouse and family.

Domestic Violence occurs in every community, every city and in every state. Domestic Violence can happen to any one of ANY race, age, religion or gender and affects people of ALL socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels.


In 2008, there were 193, 505 family violence incidents reported just in the State of Texas. Texas also accounted for 136 (11 each month) deaths directly related to Domestic Violence which is almost 3 MORE deaths per month than in 2007.

This has to END.

We can not keep allowing ourselves to think this does not exist or that it is just a "women's" issue. It is a problem plaguing every aspect of society. We have to learn to not only recognize Domestic Violence we also have to have the courage to stop it when we see it happen.

We can no longer sit by and act like it is "none of our business".

The safety and well being of our neighbors, our doctors, our kids teachers, our local coffee shop baristas, our grocery store clerks, our co-workers, our friends and our own family is all of OUR BUSINESS!

Today's Names of Texas women who were murdered by their intimate partner in 2008
Myra Jenkins Beggs, 58 Bastrop d. 11-20-08
Rosie Finley Graham, 56 Temple d. 3-08-08
Diana Mota, 31 Killeen d. 4-12-08
Lovera Campbell, 28 San Antonio - d. 10-07-08
Tanya Clark, 55 San Antonio - d. 07-17-08
Kaylee Stewert Garza, 17 Universal City - d. 12-01-08

Please join me in sharing in Domestic Violence Awareness Month with your friends and family on facebook, your blog, or anywhere you can think of.

If we can make a difference in one life it will be worth it. I promise

To immediately report abuse call the National Domestic Violence Hotline

For more info on Domestic Violence or DVAM, please visit these resources
Texas Council On Family Violence

Violence UnSilenced

Genesis Women's Shelter

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