Thursday, December 17, 2009

ALL Things

All is a small word but a powerful word all the same. It can, in one fell swoop, be used to both include everything your speaking of and exclude everything contrary to what your speaking of.

Here is an example...

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28
This passage of scripture uses the phrase "ALL things" meaning ALL situations and ALL circumstances in our life whether good or bad will work together for good. This scripture does not leave room for any other variation or variable. It does not only mean the fun things, or the mundane things, or the Sunday morning really does mean all things.

This is good news.

This means we can rest and know that God is GOD and is always working and moving on our behalf. Even in the times of our lives that we seem to be the most down and out, HE is working out everything for good.

The past couple of months have been great but also a little bit stressful. Don't get me wrong, God has blessed Danielle and I more than I could have imagined. Even still, in the midst of all of the blessing we have had some situations I know could have been setbacks if it were not for us holding onto HIS promises.

Danielle and I this year have had.... my truck broken into(twice)with my car stereo stolen, Danielle's bike stolen, Her car's timing belt went out causing over $1200 worth of repairs, her two front tires were running on their last layer, and then last week my truck died..

The reason I run down this list of "bad" situations is not to say what a terrible year we fact it is to say that I see this as our best year ever!

Here is how GOD used ALL of those things for the Good of Danielle and I...

The insurance paid not only for the break in of my truck but also a brand new stereo, a brand new dash board and a brand new window, two individuals completely paid for Danielle's car repairs one of them was someone we had never even met, we received two brand new tires for her car which we didn't pay a cent for, and just this week someone called and said that they were able to help pay for our truck as well.

Above all else we have been blessed with knowing that we will be welcoming our daughter Madison Saige into the world with ALL God has for her in the coming year. 

We are more than blessed and more than just provided for. It is a great feeling having ALL that we need and knowing that God is using ALL the things in our life for good.

I would like to challenge you to take inventory of this past year and really ask yourself how did GOD use the ALL in your life.

You will be excited to see His signature on your life and you might just be surprised at just how GOOD things are!

Javier Mendoza


  1. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that "you" understand the meaning of God's love and provision for our lives. Because even when HE does not give us what we want, HE is in fact using even that (all things) to bless us and grow us in HIs strength and show us HIS power! I too have been Blessed time and time again hearing about "your" blessings and acknowledging our own. love, momma


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