Friday, May 7, 2010

Madison Saige 6 weeks

Here are some more fun shots of Madison Saige . We have loved getting to know here and she is really growing everyday!

Everyone tries to tell you that the "time flies by" but that is no joke. Every single day that goes by is a day that Madison has changed or grown in some way.

She is so precious and it is hard to imagine her growing more. It is so cute to see her like this and to be able to carry her around. I take advantage of everyday and never take one single minute for granted.

There is no way to prepare yourself to love someone this much. It is an amazing feeling. Most of the relationships we have in our lifetime we have to choose to love the person but when you have a baby your are thrust into a love that is undeniable and more powerful than you can expect for someone you have never met!

She is a true gift from God and she has stolen her parents heart. We are in love with everything about her. These are only a few pictures of hundreds we have taken . It is pretty hard not to post every single picture but I figure all the grandmas and grandpas need a little love every once in a while.


  1. This welia was not able to "link" nada!

  2. For some reason the photos did not show up! So I just added them back! Hope you enjoy!

  3. This welita is overjoyed with the photos finally showing up thanks to my wonderful son Javi! (not welia but welita!) Love the photos!!


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