Friday, July 23, 2010

My anniversary

It's hard to believe that today marks the fourth anniversary of be being married to the most wonderful person in the world.  I really have a hard time thinking back that far and even imagining what it used to be like with out such a wonderful, amazing, faithful, beautiful woman by my side everyday. I try and think back but seem to draw blanks. My life seems to have picked up a significant amount of awesome since July 23, 2006. 

Well, to be fair, my life picked up awesome well before that. 

Danielle and I have been connected in one way or another for longer than the four yeArs that we have been married. It feels like since day one we have been intrinsically tied together and that we were destined to be together. I guess that is what adds to me having such a hard time remembering my life "pre Danielle". 

She has added so much to my life that I couldn't and wouldn't be that same person I am today without her. She has made me a better person and continues to challenge me everyday. I strive to be the best at everything I do because of her. 

I know it seems cliche to say all of these great things about my lovely wife because it's our anniversary but i don't really see it that way.  I hope that these sentiments are felt by only one person, and that i make these felt all year and not just once a year. 

I am just wanting to put my thoughts into writing and post them here so that one day when we have been married for a thousand years and my memory starts to fade, I can look back and read my daily thoughts. It's important to see these things written down when your 1027 years old so that people don't write you off as a crazy love bird.  

I want this to serve as a reminder for me to always display, write, and say what I'm thinking.  It's not enough to just know that I love Danielle. I have to say it. If I don't say it than how would Danielle ever know how I really feel.

I never want to take for granted that just because I said "I do" four years ago, That Danielle still knows that I STILL do and I ALWAYS will.  

I love you, Danielle, more than you could ever comprehend and I always will. Here is to the next Four Thousand Years being your husband. 


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