Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WVIW Marriage Seminar Update Jester 3 Unit

Last weekend was spent in prison with 13 volunteers from WVIW Ministries

and 20 Couples whose husbands are incarcerated at the Jester 3 Unit near Houston Texas. 

We got the opportunity to spend 3 days with these folks, sharing meals together, encouraging each other, as well as learning how to make better marriages.

Johnny and Betty Moffitt taught on Communication, and emotions in marriages as well as how to pray for your marriage and your spouse. 

Bobby and Bunny Greenwood spent time sharing how they turned a lifetime of crime and prison into a lifelong testament to how God changed their life for the better and now uses their story to encourage and edify others from Texas to Estonia. 

I had the opportunity to share on Sunday and really enjoyed it. I spoke on the decisions we all make in life and how either good or bad they can determine our life's pathway. God has a plan for our lives and its a plan to prosper us, however, the choices we make can lead us closer to or further away from that plan. I encouraged the men to start living their Legacy rather than waiting to leave a Legacy. The time to show our spouses, our children and the rest of the world who we really are is NOW. 

In our small group sessions each of the volunteerslead disscussions into what it means to go though this prison experience with a positive outlook and to operate in Gods plan. Every volunteer had something huge to offer and made an impact in the lives at Jester. 

We had such a great time at Jester 3 and look forward to staying in touch with this group and hearing how God interacts with their life's choices from this point on! 

If you would like to attend a WVIW Marriage Seminar please visit and Signup for more info! 


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