Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marriage Seminar Update

Wow what an amazing day.

We have seen God today in a very personal and impactful way. Today's session really put a lot in perspective and made a difference in my life.

I love to feel like God is saying no matter what my past says about me, I can always count on Him to pick me up when I'm down and to help me build a new future when I feel like I don't deserve it!

Today I felt like I deserve to have a future. Today I feel like the men and women at the marriage seminar deserve to have a future.

That is an amazing truth. That is something to build a marriage on and that gives us a reason to.

I really feel encouraged by today's messages and what it means in my heart and what I believe it now means in the hearts of so many today for the first time.

For Today I'm grateful and for Tomorrow I'm encouraged!!!!

Javier Mendoza
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