Monday, April 4, 2011

WVIW visit to a prison in Trujillo In Honduras

Here are a few pictures from our visit in Trujillo. Pastor Nahun and his daughter sang and played music for the group who was mostly Garifuna men which are the same as the families they serve in Cusuna. Travis and I also had a chance to share with the men. Travis spoke on forgiveness and had the opportunity to pray with 5 men to recommit their lives to God. We also were witness to a unique opportunity for our friend and fellow minister Jorge to reconnect and forgive an inmate he had known from many years before. All in all we had a great time sharing part of our day inside the walls of this prison. It's an experience unlike the prisons we visit in Texas and yet in a lot of ways very similar. We look forward to sharing more of the experiences with you through our websites and on Facebook. Thank You

Javier Mendoza
Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness

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