Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mututu, Jarsi, Linsi, & Suani

These are four of the girls who were watching some of the younger kids at the feeding center while I snapped photos and were more than excited to get their photo taken as well.

Many of the young girls and boys are connected and involved in the chuirch as well however they need more relevant programming and events catered towards their needs.

One of the ways we are reaching into this community is through the youth of Cusuna. We plan to have another trip in the summer and are encourageing youth and young adults to join us on this trip. We want to build a youth oriented program that they want to be a part of and will help them decide to stay involved in the church even when they are older.

I believe that it is very possible to see the youth of Cusuna become the future leaders of not only their community but of Honduras, Central America, and the rest of the WQorld.

If you want more info on this village or would like to be considered for our next trip in July, please visit and fill out the contact form letting us know!


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