Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, the time has come for "Change" to begin. I believe and am holding on to the fact that God is in control but, we have to all remember that we are at the start of this journey and not the destination. The second that we forget that the race has just begun is the second that we lose. The start of a new era in the United States is now here and we are all together in this race towards the "Future of America". Anyone calling the USA home now has an obligation to continue the fight for Change.

This next phase will be a time where a lot of what were used to seeing in the structure of America and the world will be changing. Some of us act like we are at some sort of finish line, can throw our hands up, and sigh in relief now that January 20th has come, and gone. Well, I really hope that we all soon realize that now is the time to create and maintain the America that we all envision. We should also realize that America and the freedoms, which are not yet paid in full, that have been afforded us all are still being threatened all over the world. We need to look around and see that we are all in need of Change. If it's change in our circumstances, or our jobs, or even in our attitude the only person responsible for me is me... Not me by myself, not my new president by himself, but all of us with God. Just like the end of acceptance of Oath says, "So Help Me God".

Yes, Please. God please help me be a better me, please help me be a better husband, a better friend, a better son, a better employee and a better Citizen. Please help our new President be the best father, the best husband, the best friend, and the best leader that he can be so that he may be fit to execute the enormous task that is ahead of him and his family.

I pray for Change in the way that God sees fit and that we may never think that we can do anything without God.

"In God We Need to Trust"


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