Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Danielle and I have been tremendously blessed in 2008. We have accomplished 18 months of married bliss and are more in love than ever. We have depended on God to show us how to love and respect each other and the wise counsel of family and friends in our lifelong quest to becoming the couple God designed us to be. Every step of the way through 2008 has been a gift from God. He has blessed us with a great family and awesome friends to help us through moving to several new places. We had friends welcome Danielle into their home through the duration of Danielle’s job having her in D.C. We also had plenty of help getting to and from all of our destinations when our vehicles were either not in sight or not “up” to the job. We were blessed with money for repairs and gas and even rides to and from the airport when we needed them. We also received plenty of help when we decided to move to Dallas. We were given support in many ways which included monetary and physical help with packing and moving. On my way driving to Texas I was able to stay and rest from the long journey twice and received warm welcomes from Danielle’s Grandparents and from my Brother. When I finally got to Dallas we immediately had a place to stay and were able to be in the home of Johnny and Betty Moffitt for about 4 months. They graciously allowed Danielle and I to live in their home with no deadline on moving out and no charges for rent. What a huge relief and blessing. We used that time to get situated in both of our jobs and figure out our plan for the New Year. I received a job practically over the phone before I even stepped foot in Dallas and God allowed me to stay there trough the First of November when Johnny and Betty had invited me to travel with them to Mexico. I believed that if God wanted me on the trip He would make it financially available to me and that everything would be paid for. Well, of course God had a plan. He used My cousin Lori and Johnny and Betty to give financially to us which allowed me to get to go and serve as photographer for Johnny and Betty in Mexico. We met several new international contacts for trips and really enjoyed seeing the power of prayer and faithfulness. We have received much needed financial support in the exact right time and at no point has God forsaken us. I know God sent us here to Dallas and that every time we receive financial gifts of any kind I feel like it is confirmation of that. Our faithfulness was specifically tested and blessed when Johnny and Betty offered to have me come work for them after volunteering for them for only 3 and a half months. God really knew we needed that and for us to be able to be working for their ministry and directly linked to the exact thing I knew God brought us here for was totally His provision and promises coming true. Danielle also received a perfect job here as soon as we needed it. We made a tough decision turning down one job offer before she was blessed with her current position. I really believe that God has guided me and Danielle by His Spirit and given us direction for Every decision we’ve been faced with. At every turn it seems like God has really given us not only our needs but even the desires of our hearts. During Christmas we moved into our own place here in the Big D and really found a great place after much prayer and even changing our minds on another place. We love our new place here and can now get back to … US. We are very grateful for the past 10 months and having a place to stay with friends and family but Danielle and I have also really savor the time we have in OUR home. We know that everything has happened for a reason and that God is in control so we don’t worry about 2009. We are exited and ready for what God brings our way. I know that we are blessed and that we have received and will receive plenty of blessing from God as long as we a faithful and diligent to complete the work he has begun. 2009 is going to be a year of prosperity in the Kingdom of Heaven and God’s name will be raised up high. Danielle and I are going to be right there for every second.

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