Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I think that it is up to each American on their own to decide weather or not we are going to, in this election, up the level of Personal responsibility inorder to make the "Change" from the inside out. It can't be up to one person or group of persons to make that decision for the collective. No matter the outcome of today we all have to take personal responsibily to be change and to create what we each envision. We have allowed someone else to alter or even create the direction of our goals and dreams for the assurance of being able to have someone else to blame when it all falls apart. We need to stop letting One human determine our moral compass and let God our Father and original designer take over! Then and only then will we not have to make the Choice to believe democrats or republicans, because there is only one truth and one right and one wrong. Its not up to me to interpret God's laws on my life. I have no opinion other than God's ! So, In at least this. . . I hope that today we all can agree. . to take time and pray for God to take the lead and show us the direction he has charted for our lives and pray that there be less of "Me" in the Whitehouse and more of HiM! Love javi

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