Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mexico Day 1

Well, I made it across the border via Charlotte, NC today. I made it into Mexico City about 1230 pm after heading to the airport at 5am. I am not sure why I had to fly an hour and a half north just to fly almost 4 hours back south to Mexico, but I made it in. When I got to The City i was met by SR. Reyes of "Amigos De Fe" who had a big plaque with "Javier Mendoza" written across it and I was happy they picked me up and not some other Javier Mendoza. We were then hustled to the Bus station and bought a 17 dollar Ticket to Puebla which is about 1 hr and 1/2 south east of Mexico City. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly Hazy it is. There are cars upon cars upon motorcycles, upon pedestrians and they are all vying for the "right" of way and of course our Bus automatically gets it because its 40 feet long and does not yield. As we were heading down the road you can see mountains and even a couple of volcanoes in the not so distant horizon. All in all not a bad drive but made my day very long. I finally made it to the Pastor's house in Puebla around 13 hours after I left the house this morning. Even now as I am writing it it seems like longer than it really was and I could fall asleep in the floor in front of me but I am glad to be here and know that God is here as well. I have met so many people already that are working hard to make sure that God stays here and that more people know about Him every day. There is no question that He has servants here and that His message is reaching into the mountains of Mexico. I am very tired and very ready to see what we can see in the next few days. Please pray for safety here and that everything goes as God would have, and that His will be done here in Mexico. We have such a full schedule so also pray for endurance and favor with the officials we intend to meet with in the next few days. We still have no camera clearance for the prisons so also please pray for us to receive those permits. The Pastor's were telling us that the prisons can be very corrupt and that there has been a lot of aggravation here between the states and the Drug Cartel. There has been more wars being waged on the grip of illegall drugs and that does not make the Cartel very happy. So please pray for our brothers and sisters here that they will have continued safety and continued perseverance. Thanks for all that you have been doing for us
God Bless

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