Friday, November 14, 2008

Mexico Day 2

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.........Oh Uhm........Sorry..... I guess I'm a little more tired than I thought. We have had a completely Full schedule and have not yet stopped moving since our feet hit the ground. We started Thursday morning at the State's prison for men at around 9 am. We were hustled into a line as soon as we arrived in order to make certain we all had Id's and were all going to get in. All in all we had a bout 25 people and the prison only wanted to let in 5. After about 15 mins of waiting outside the walls, we were given the okay to all come in together. The men were already up and running with their music portion of the service when We came in. They led about 2 or 3 songs and then invited Betty up to sing her song, of which, she chose Blessed Assurance. As she began the first verse the music stopped. She kept right on going and sang that song loud and proud. Despite language and technology barriers Betty truly blessed all of us with that song.

Johnny was able to have a few mins to talk with the men and received 20 men that accepted Jesus into there hearts. The prisoners were very receptive and happy with the service that was brought to them. After lunch we were blessed to have a strong turnout of almost 100 people from the church that were eager to listen to Johnnny describe Overcomers to them. We left them with a case of books printed in Spanish and I believe every one there left with a greater understanding of prison ministry and how this program is designed to overcome the grip of addiction.

At the evening service we saw several of the near 500 people come to the lord and experience God in the one of the most real and tangible ways I have seen in forever. We heard a great music presentation from Carmen Gloria, who blew the roof off of the sanctuary. Don Arnold of The Fellowship, gave a great message and led a great prayer service in which we saw many people healed and freed from many different strongholds. God is so good and has allowed us to be so blessed from everyone we have been in contact with. He is alive and moving across this Country in a way that is past due and much needed. I am blessed and honored to be here this week.

My prayer for the week is that God would use me as His servant to bring honor and pride to His name for His glory. There is so much work to be done still, but I am amazed by how far they have come and by how many people are eager to serve this ministry.

For more info on all the ministries represented here in Mexico This week please go to

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