Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mission Trip November 12- 18

Here is the first Official update on how, what and when….

Danielle and I are blessed to have such a great Network of friends and to have such an awesome family supporting and praying for us. If it was not for what God has done and for everyone that has blessed us financially and spiritually then the last few months and the next year would not be nearly as exciting. God is moving in big ways and is making a way for a lot of good stuff to happen.

Of course I have to say that first and foremost I am blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive wife. Danielle is great at everything she puts her mind to and encourages me to be the best version of myself on a daily basis. We have been totally Together through this entire transition into Texas and have been able to move into a place that we can learn about the ministry God moved us here for. She is understanding and thoughtful when it comes to doing what it takes to put God first in our lives and ensuring that we make time for the two of us so we don’t lose sight on what God ultimately has in store for our lives. I know God has truly given me a partner for life.

God has clearly given us a great ministry to be a part of and I learn that more and more each day I am here. Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness, is a ministry that creates opportunity to bring God into one of the most forgotten about places in the world, Prison. We believe that God is the only true hope and salvation that any of us have and know That He wants to be that for men and women in Prison as well. I know it sounds a little unconventional in a way to take a missions trip to prison but what a great opportunity we have to offer genuine, God given, salvation to men and women who may have no hope or promise of salvation in this life. The book of Romans tells us that Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. So, this is why we Must take the word of God into ALL the world and not forget those who have been left to be forgotten. WVIW brings His love and salvation into the walls of prisons around the world through Overcomer’s; a program geared to releasing individuals from the curse of addiction, and through Marriage seminars held for Prisoners and Correctional Officers alike. There are also programs for offenders and ex-offenders’ wives and families, and aftercare programs for parolees like transitional housing, and job placement assistance.

We want to be the hands and feet of God in every aspect of life for these individuals. The way that we do this is through God’s grace and favor with the correctional institutions so that we are allowed access to this physically and culturally segregated group of lost individuals. By God’s blessing and through support and prayer we have been blessed with much success in this endeavor. WVIW has made huge strides in the arena of prison ministry and is well known and respected in the US, Cuba, Jamaica, Western Europe, The UK, and Now Mexico.
There has long been a need for this type of ministry in all parts of the world and so we are blessed to add Mexico to our list of countries who have asked for us to come and share our message of hope with their prisoners. We will fly to Central Mexico on Tuesday November 12th, and will have to opportunity to be seen and heard by over 20,000 prison inmates and correctional facilitators in just a couple of days. We are equally excited to be able to bring Overcomers into their country with books that have been translated into Spanish and teachers that are willing to facilitate this proven Bible based 12 step addiction program.
We are so excited about what God is already doing in Dallas, and all over the world and now we will have new blessings to report on from Mexico. I am traveling to Mexico on Tuesday and will be back next Wednesday. I will be following Johnny and Betty Moffitt through Mexico City and Puebla and other towns in Central Mexico taking photographs and learning more and more about this God ordained organization. We are asking your prayers for open hearts and ears and for God to move on the Government officials when Johnny meets with them to create a working relationship that will allow us to continue working here. Also please pray for our safety and health as we travel. We have also received an email that has spoken against us being able to bring cameras inside the prison walls which we want to pray against because it would be a shame to not be able to come back and share with all of you what God is doing just South of the Border.

I pray you are blessed as you read this and ask for your comments and prayers either by email or on MySpace.com/javiphoto and Facebook.

As I am able I will keep you posted with all the trip’s events.

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